Germany: Federal government 'strongly condemns' brutal attack on journalists

German government spokesperson Steffen Seibert accused «extremists» of carrying out the «brutal» and violent attack on journalists and their security people, at the weekly press conference in Berlin on Monday. «For a longer period, we have been seeing that extremists of all kind literally trample on the freedom of press,» Seibert said, after assailants reportedly threatened and acted «violently... Еще» against the satirical 'Heute Show' (meaning 'Today's Show') journalists on May 1. «Those who attack, threaten, harm journalists, stands far outside our democratic order,» he added. An investigation is underway. Internal border patrols were also extended to May 15 amid COVID-19 lockdown easing, following a vote with the federal heads of state, according to Interior Ministry spokesperson Steve Alter. Regarding the topic of anti-bodies, Seibert said it «is not clear how long immunity persists, and the reliable testing for anti-bodies is still raising questions.'' As the spread of the virus has slowed down in recent weeks, several European nations, including Germany, have begun easing restrictions on free movement.

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