Germany: Federal disease control agency gives update on coronavirus outbreak

The Robert Koch Institute, the German federal agency responsibile for disease control gave its statement on the spread of coronavirus Germany from their headquarters in Berlin's Wedding district on Tuesday. «We can see that the situation is shifting away from China and the rest of the world is being increasingly affected,» said Dr. Lars Schaade, vice-president of the institute. «To this day we... Еще have 188 confirmed cases reported in Germany, with a focus on Badem-Wurtemburg — there are 26 cases there; Bavaria, 36 cases; Hessen, 10 cases; and North-Rhine Westphalia with 101 cases. In the other federal states — in total there are 13 federal states affected — there are from isolated cases a maximum of three cases, like for example here in Berlin,» he added. A fourth case of the illness was later confirmed in Berlin. Giving a broader prognosis on containing the virus, the doctor warned, «According to the current assessment, with all the insecurities that we have to count on, [the virus] will rather establish itself for the long term. That means we’ll have to handle this virus worldwide, also in the future.» Germany is the latest country in Europe to see a sharp increase in cases, and currently sits behind France as the third-most affected country on the continent.

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