Germany: FDP’s Lindner gives speech outside of University of Hamburg despite ban

The leader Germany's Free Democratic Party (FDP) Christian Lindner gave a speech outside the University of Hamburg on Monday, after it rejected his offer to give a speech in the university. According to local reports, 150 students turned up to listen to the speech, in which Lindner spoke of freedom of speech, saying that «democratic exchange belongs in the university, and not in front of the... Еще university.» On the subject of election campaigns, he said «The difference animates the vote, and therefore we animate the difference.» Lindner also greeted Katharina Fegebank, the Green politician and Hamburg State Senator of Science, who he had sent a letter to following the decision to ban his speech in the university. According to reports, Lindner found the ban on his talk unfair as earlier Die Linke [The Left] politician Sahra Wagenknecht and Social Democratic Party politician Kevin Kuhnert spoke at the university. However, new rules were recently introduced at the University in May to ban events that have are oriented towards a specific political party. «As liberals, we accept the autonomy of the university. We also accept rules and go instead in front of the university. But the acceptance of rules does not mean that we find them good,» Lindner said.

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