Germany: FDP offices in Stuttgart targeted after AfD-Thuringia scandal

Anti-fascist forces in Stuttgart protested outside the Free Democrats (FDP) offices on Thursday, after the party's leader in Thuringia was elected minister president with the backing of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD). Thomas Kemmerich, who won the backing of the AfD and Chancellor Angela Merkel's CDU party, subsequently resigned less than 24 hours after taking office and called for... Еще new elections. Hundreds picketed the FDP local headquarters, bringing along banners, homemade signs and flags. «We keep hearing the sentence: The right learnt nothing from history. That is wrong, the right of today learnt a lot from their criminal history,» argued one demonstrator, likening the AfD's influence on German politics to Nazism. Thuringia held its state election in October last year. While Die Linke won the highest share of the votes with 31 per cent, the AfD came second with 23.4 per cent. It's influence saw the FDP leader placed in power, despite barely clearing the 5 per cent hurdle required to entire the regional parliament.

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