Germany: FDP leader seeking better relationship with Russia if policies improve

FDP leader Christian Lindner spoke to a mostly young audience about his ideas for better political support for the Start-Up industry and digitalised bureaucracy for Germany ,during a Q&A session at the co-working space «The Place Loft» in Berlin, Wednesday. Lindner also took the time to confirm comments he made last Sunday — that he is seeking for a better relationship with Russia, if the... Еще Russian leadership changes their politics. Lindner maintained that the annexation of Crimea was a violation of international law and should not be accepted. However, without any short term solution to the Crimea question in sight, Lindner continued that the matter should be set aside for now, in order to give Russia the chance to improve on other issues, so as to alleviate sanctions against the country. Nevertheless, Lindner went on to say that if Russia does not put an end to an “escalation spiral”, then the sanctions should be strengthened instead. The FDP is currently campaigning for the 2017 German Parliament elections, hoping to gain seats once again in the Bundestag, having lost all their seats in 2013’s national election.

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