Germany: FDP leader Lindner attacks the AfD at presentation of immigration policies

Free Democratic Party (FDP) leader Christian Lindner and FDP delegate for Northrhine-Westfalia Joachim Stamp presented their policies for asylum seekers, integration and immigration, during a press conference in Berlin, on Monday. Lindner rejected questions about comparisons between the FDP and Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) parities explaining that the latter, «is a party which per se rejects... Еще [foreign] cultural and non-western migration» and that the FDP's polices are the complete opposite to the AfD's noting the, «AfD is an anti-liberal, anti-civic party». Stamp explained the FDP want to introduce a distinction between political persecuted people, war refugees and possible long-term migrants and a new «chance card» so migrants can be chosen via a point system to fulfill the demands of the job market each year.
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