Germany: FDP candidate Lindner advocates a European FBI at Frankfurt rally

FDP leader and the party's candidate for the German Chancellorship Christian Lindner spoke to his supporters in Frankfurt, on Monday. During his speech, Lindner slammed the CDU-SPD grand coalition for reacting to public safety issues with what he perceives as infringements on Germans' constitutional rights. He said, «In the past four years the grand coalition has mainly reacted on the dangers... Еще for security with new laws, again and again, new intrusions on [our] constitutional rights.» Lindner also put forward his advocacy for a so-called European FBI, «In Europe we need an European FBI and in Germany, the state has to be better organised than terror and crime through partly merging these structures.» After suffering major losses in the previous Federal elections, in 2013, the FDP hope to return to the Bundestag in the upcoming elections on Sunday.

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