Germany: Famous WWII towers in Erpel set to go under the hammer

Historic towers situated on the Rhein near the village of Erpel are set to go under the hammer, as shown in footage filmed on Friday. The towers once belonged to the Ludendorff Bridge which stretched across the river connecting both banks of the Rhein, from Erpel to Remagen, when it was constructed in 1919. The bridge was used by the allied forces during WWII, after the Nazi army tried and... Еще failed to destroy it. A few days after the bridge was captured by the US troops, part of the building was shattered and has never been restored since then. Locals claim the towers have historical significance and are part of local heritage, disputing the authorities decision to auction them off. The two towers on the other side of the bridge have since been converted into a museum, which carries both the German and American flags. Potential buyers can put in their bids until May 18.

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