Germany: Facemasks 'could do more harm than good' — Robert Koch Institute

President of the Robert Koch Institute Lothar Wieler said the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany has risen to 80,000 with 1,017 deaths, speaking in Berlin on Friday. «The number of registered cases continue to increase. The death toll has risen to 1,017. That is 145 deaths more than the previous day. The actual number is 96 cases per 100,000 citizens,» he said. Wieler​ also... Еще stressed that people should wear cloth or fabric masks but only for the purpose of protecting others in case they have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. «A fabric face mask or a makeshift mask can help in containing drops by coughing and sneezing. They can also help to protect others. But they cannot help those who wear these masks,» he explained. Wieler added that these cloth masks should not give people a false sense of security. People still need to keep distance from one another, sneeze and cough into the crook of an arm, and follow basic hygiene rules, whether or not wearing a mask in public transport or supermarket, «otherwise, these masks could do more harm than good,» he added. According to Johns Hopkins University, who compile data from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), Germany have the fourth-highest number of confirmed COVID-19 infections cases. The total number of infections worldwide has now surpassed one million.

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