Germany: Essen Foodbank readmits foreigners as members

Essener Tafel, a food bank run by a charity in Essen has said it will allow foreigners to register as members on Wednesday, reversing its controversial decision from last month. Residents of Essen and food parcel recipients commented on the switch. «To stop [admitting] more foreigners is on one side very right, namely, those young men who grumble and behave not well to the old ladies. It is... Еще not right to take all these young men in Germany», said Christel. Guenter disagreed, saying, «[foreigners] also need something to eat.» In January, Essener Tafel announced it would only allow German passport holders to apply for new membership cards. It claimed the high proportion of foreigners using the food bank's services, dissuaded the elderly or single mothers from coming.

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