Germany: Erfurt residents Ramelow's election victory in Thuringia

Citizens of Erfurt reacted to the news of Die Linke member Bodo Ramelow being elected Thuringia's next Minister-President on Wednesday. The news comes after weeks of political tumoil in Thuringia where Thomas Kemmerich, from the Free Demcoratic Party (FDP), was elected as Minister-President with the help of votes from the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. He stepped down a day after the vote... Еще amid a national political crisis triggered by the electoral tie-up. «I hope that it will continue in a good spirit now and that no more bad things will emerge with the help of AfD,» said one resident of Erfurt when quizzed over the news. Ramelow refused to shake AfD party leader Bjorn Hocke's hand after being sworn in. The minister-president elections in Thuringia were repeated less than a month after the political crisis triggered by the AfD's involvement.

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