Germany: 'End coal!' — Thousands hit Berlin streets to demand climate action

Thousands of people from all over Germany took to the streets of Berlin on Saturday, calling on the German government to ramp up measures to combat climate change. Demonstrators demanded that Germany ends its reliance on coal-fired energy, with some environmental groups urging the government to phase out coal by 2030. The march, which reportedly took place without any incidents, started and... Еще ended in front of the German Chancellery and Parliament. One Berlin resident said that climate change «is going to be a disaster. We saw that this summer. It was dry, and we might soon lack drinking water in Berlin.» Another protester who came to the protest from Oldenburg said, «I am totally furious how much less climate change is being acknowledged,» adding that «it is extremely important that one does something about it.» A similar protest also took place in the western city of Cologne.

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