Germany: Eastern Europe's border control police are «underpaid», threatening security — police report

The European Police Union (EPU) criticised the working conditions for European police officers, focusing predominantly on Eastern European police, at a press conference in Berlin on Thursday. EPU president Gerrit van de Kamp stated that Europe can only be secure if its eastern borders are safe. Presenting the report, criminologist Niko Nikodinovic added that police officers in Serbia, Bulgaria... Еще and Romania, who are deployed for border controls, are not able to do their jobs in a way necessary to identify potential threats, given the equipment they have to use. Van de Kamp went on to stress that the European Union cannot continue to promise to improve cooperation ‘after the next attack,’ as it indicates European police were ineffective in countering terrorism during recent attacks. The report looked at the difference between police equipment and personnel in 15 different European states and found that police forces are insufficiently equipped to deal with the refugee crisis and the alleged threats that come with it. ‌

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