Germany: Dusseldorf residents have mixed reactions to 'most dangerous boroughs' list

Dusseldorf residents living in the area surrounding the main train station, gave mixed reactions on Wednesday, after their neighbourhood was featured in the list of most dangerous areas in the city, recently issued by local authorities. The list was created by the police and it includes areas in the state of North-Rhine Westphalia which the police reportedly classified as hotspots for the criminal activities, and a melting pot of criminal individuals between the years 2011 and 2017. Meanwhile, the police state that the boroughs on the list are not necessarily hotspots of actual criminal activities, rather they are spots where the police can carry out searches and ID checks on individuals without warrants. The city's residents were split on the issue with some supporting the classification of the borough as dangerous, while others downplayed the label. Mario, one of the residents, said, «I would say that it is a disproportionally dangerous borough compared to other boroughs. It is not like you don't dare to go out or walk far distances but it happens more often than in other boroughs.» Another resident, Hans Gude, added «I would say it is more than dangerous. It's a hotspot. We have Mintropstrasse there, and it's quite a thing. And on Konrad-Adenauerplatz with all the homeless people. I would say it's quite dangerous.» A third resident, Rebecca Neumann, said «In the nights you feel less safe but this is common around train stations.» The list was published upon request of the local branch of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.

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