Germany: «Dr. Petry did us a favor in taking this decision» AFD politician on co-chair quitting

«Dr. Petry did us a favor in taking this decision so that we don't have to deliberate on it anymore», Jens Maier, the newly-elected AfD representative for Sachsen, said during a break from their first parliamentary meeting in the German Bundestag in Berlin, Tuesday. «We have to thank Ms Dr Petry that she had taken this decision so promptly», he added. During the break, Co-founder of Alternative... Еще for Germany Alexander Gauland also went on to assert that they position themselves as the opposition and that he and Petry were always in agreement, saying “we have always said that if we were on equal basis with the others, of course we would accept responsibilities, it wasn't a fight between Frauke Petry and myself.” The comments come after Petry’s Monday announcement that she had decided not to sit in parliament with the AfD, which was followed by her storming out of a press conference. Petry spoke the morning after the federal elections, saying that she had considered her task to make the AfD a party «fit for government» but that «after long consideration» she would not be a member of the AfD's Bundestag faction.

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