Germany: Dingolfing BMW goes on strike over wages and work hours

Workers at BMW in Dingolfing joined a strike led by the IG Metall labour Union, demanding better wages and fewer working hours, Friday. BMW factory in Dingolfing kicked off the warning strike at 19:00 Friday local time (18:00 GMT) with the intent to paralyse BMW’s production for three hours. According to Robert Grashei, a worker on strike «about 250 or maybe 300 vehicles will not get built and... Еще with that pressure we want to make the employer’s association to present a better proposal on Monday.» He carried on by saying that «We do not want to start a big fight right now, but we know that we have the support of the workforce» adding «We still have a few negotiating possibilities ahead of us, and whether or not there will be a 24-hour strike, I think it’s in the hands of the employers.» Grashei warned that in the case of no better offer, the union shall expand the strikes to next week. Employers made the offer of a two percent plus a one-off €200 ($239) rise in the first quarter, but BMW workers found that offer «inadequate.»

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