Germany: Diesel emissions ban enacted on street in Berlin

A diesel emissions ban came into force on a single street in Berlin's Neukoelln district on Friday, following the reported delayed implementation of a court ruling on limiting diesel emissions in highly polluted areas. The first street to abide by the diesel ban is Silbersteinstrasse, which serves as one of the main points connecting two larger thoroughfares of the German capital, Karl-Marx... Еще-Strasse and Hermannstrasse. Additional streets will reportedly enact similar bans in the following weeks. According to a spokesperson for the district Mayor of Berlin-Neukoelln, Christian Berg, Silbersteinstrasse measured «the worst emission results in the whole of Germany» and therefore it was decided to ban diesel cars up to the 'euro norm 5' along the throughfare. «We are expecting of course that when the ban is enforced, hopefully the air quality will improve for the people of Berlin. What we cannot assess now is how the air quality will improve in the surrounding streets. We will have to observe this,» said Berg. The ban, which is only enforced for more polluting diesel engines, and does not apply to residents of the street, is designed to curb emissions and improve the general air quality of the area.

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