Germany: Die Linke's Bartsch condemns German policy that forces Russia 'to its knees'

Die Linke Candidate Dietmar Bartsch criticised Germany's policy against Russia, saying, «We think it is wrong. It’s wrong to attempt to force a country to its knees through sanctions,» speaking at a press conference in Berlin, on Monday, following the federal elections results. Bartsch stressed that, although Die Linke does not stand by some aspects of Russia's state affairs, the party would... Еще still «strongly criticise» Germany's policies on Russia, most notably sanctions. «We think it is wrong. It’s wrong trying to force on purpose a country to its knees with sanctions. I think is wrong, and I think there should be changes maybe also coming from another opposition party.» Speaking to the press, Die Linke members also reflected on why they lost votes to the Alternative fuer Deutschland (AfD). Party chair Bernd Riexinger said, «The AfD offers simple answers, simple scapegoats. And that it brings out rage [in people]; and we must now make it clear that it hasn't at all any solutions to these questions.» Die Linke candidate Sahra Wagenknecht said that policies from other parties have resulted in the appeal of the AfD. She said, «The mothers and fathers of the Afd are those parties which have contributed to growing social inequality over the past years, as they have arranged the job market in such way that there is more and more insecure, poorly paid jobs, and have done nothing against the fact that in many large cities the rents are exploding.» The far-left Die Linke party lost their position as the Bundestag’s third largest party, to the far-right AfD, in Sunday’s elections.

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