Germany: Die Linke has 'undeniable' mandate to form government — Ramelow

The top Die Linke candidate for Thuringia Bodo Ramelow said his party has an 'undeniable' mandate to form a government while speaking at an election night event in Erfurt, after exit poll results show his party leading in the regional elections. «And in the moment it is a little bit unclear yet for me, how the evening will end with the actual government mandate, but that I have it is undeniable... Еще,» Ramelow said while addressing a crowd of supporters. The Die Linke candidate also labelled top Christian Democrat party (CDU) candidate Mike Mohring the «biggest election loser» of the elections. The left-wing 'Die Linke' party is projected to emerge as the largest party, taking home thirty per cent of the vote with their coalition partners the Social Democrat Party (SPD) losing a large amount of support and emerging with eight per cent, making the prospect of another coalition difficult. Exit polls also show the alternative for Germany party (AfD) making historic gains, narrowly beating the Christian Democrat party (CDU) with 24 per cent against the CDU's 22 per cent.

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