Germany: Die Linke criticises 'Grand Coalition' for neglecting Russian relations

Die Linke head Sahra Wagenknecht criticised the coalition agreement between the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Social Democratic Party (SPD), speaking from Berlin on Thursday, for not including a roadmap to improve German-Russian relations. Speaking at an event named 'Germany, Russia and the future,' Wagenknecht in particular slammed the section of the coalition agreement that commits... Еще to increase Germany's military spending according to NATO's two percent demand, despite already spending $37 billion (€30 billion). She also criticised public hysteria regarding Russia's alleged aggression, pointing out that the country spends $60 billion (€48 billion) annually in comparison to NATO's annual military expense of $900 billion (€733 billion), including the US's $600 billion (€489 billion). Wagenknecht concluded her statement slamming the most recent set of sanctions the US has announced to introduce against Russia, threatening to target European, including German businesses, that cooperate with Russia in the energy sector. «This is not about Russia, and not about Germany. This is about creating a European market for US fracking gas, which is not competitive against Russian gas. I find it disastrous that the German government is letting itself be roped in for the US government,» Wagenknecht stated.

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