Germany: Demonstrations across Berlin demand more pay for medical workers

Multiple demonstrations were held across Berlin for the International Day of Care to demand better pay and working conditions for care workers as Germany's «nursing emergency» has become even more evident during the coronavirus crisis, according to 'Die Linke' party leader Bernd Riexinger on Tuesday. «This corona crisis it showed who really is relevant for society's system and care. It's not the... Еще bankers, and it is not the financiers and it is not the managers. It's the caregivers, it's the vendors and many other groups [...] But in fact, caregivers cannot pay their rent from applause, and not from praise,» said Riexinger. The leftists party leader spoke at a demonstration held in front the German Chancellery, as another demonstration by care workers was held in front of the federal ministry of health. «I am here to demand what we want, which is more money — no question... working night and day, on weekends and I believe I don't have to say that the work is tough» said a nurse speaking at the 'Die Linke' demonstration. On Tuesday, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) made it clear that there was no reason to panic despite the reproduction rate of COVID-19 rising again above 1.0 in Germany over the weekend as restrictions were loosened. According to the latest data by the Johns Hopkins University, Germany reported over 172,800 coronavirus cases and 7,676 related deaths.

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