Germany: Defence minister follows 'zero tolerance' approach to right-wing extremism — spokesperson

German Defence Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer followed a 'zero tolerance approach' to alleged tolerance of right-wing extremism in the Commando Special Forces (KSK), according to the ministry spokesperson Christina Routsi. She was speaking among other officials at a news conference in Berlin on Monday. The statement follows a revelation from a whistleblower claiming the elite unit had a culture of tolerance towards the far right. «The minister also said and clearly positioned herself in the 'Focus' interview, that she welcomes the penetration of the wall of silence, that it shows cracks,'' said Routsi. «I can tell you, that we neither give ourselves a ban on thinking nor closing our eyes. This will be calmly structured. But I also ask you, so that this is not forgotten, to see that the 'KSK' has done an incredible service under the most dangerous conditions for our country for almost 25 years, and this will also be part of this consideration,» she added. During Monday's briefing, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Adebahr, addressed the current travel warning, saying that it would last for all non-European countries at least until the end of August, but that talks with individual countries were talking place to evaluate if it could be lifted earlier.

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