Germany: Death toll in murderous nurse case brought to 84

Police President Johann Kuehme confirmed that former nurse Niels Hoegel is currently suspected of killing at least 84 patients, at a press conference in Oldenburg on Monday. «Because of the work of the special committee 'Kardio' in the last three years, we could verify 84 murderous deeds, 84 murderous deeds committed by Niels H. in hospitals in Delmenhorst and in Oldenburg» he said. «The 84... Еще murderous deeds which we have to investigate leave us speechless in every single case» said the police chief, adding «we have to realise, that the real number of murderous deeds will be much higher because of the high number of cremations, which we cannot investigate and also, because investigations didn't start at an earlier time — latest in 2008 — the witnesses and also the suspect cannot remember all things from such a long time.» Hoegel was jailed for life in 2015 for the murder and attempted murder of several patients in intensive-care at Delmenhosrt hospital. The 40-year-old has so far admitted to killing 30 people by injecting them with drugs that caused heart failure.

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