Germany: Data breach is an 'attack on democracy' — Die Linke co-chair

Dieter Bartsch, co-chair of German parliamentary party Die Linke, described the data breach that led to the publication of hundreds of politicians' personal data as an «attack on [Germany's] democracy» during a press statement in Berlin on Friday. Bartsch criticised Germany's security service for their handling of the data breach, claiming they had «failed to do their job» and that they should... Еще «take their role seriously.» «They want to create a climate of fear and insecurity in our country,» he said about those who had published the data online. The Federal Office for Information Security and the National Cyberdefence Centre are leading are investigation into the data breach, which saw the personal information of many German politicians and delegates published online. It has not yet been confirmed whether the information was obtained by hackers, or leaked by a source with internal access to the information.

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