Germany: 'Dachau is colourful' — Resistance to AfD leader's visit

Residents of Dachau protested the visit of Beatrix von Storch from the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party on Sunday. After holding a rally, demonstrators marched through the city, carrying anti-AfD banners and signs reading «Dachau is colourful.» The town's mayor Florian Hartmann warned of the party's ties to the far-right. «The party dropped its mask in Chemnitz a couple of days ago and... Еще openly demonstrated whom it is close to, namely neo-Nazis and Pegida with their disgusting messages.» Von Storch is expected to hold a speech in Adolf-Hoelzel-Haus in Dachau in support of Christoph Steier, who is running as AfD's candidate in the Bavarian state election on 14 October.

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