Germany: COVID reproduction rate rising for few days not critical — Robert Koch Institute

As the reproduction rate of COVID-19 rose again above 1.0 in Germany over the weekend, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) made it clear on Tuesday that there was no reason to panic. «When the rate is slightly above 1.0 that is not critical. When the rate increases up to 1.2 or 1.3 and remans for a long time, that's definitely what we need to take into consideration. But the rate slightly above 1.0... Еще for a couple of days is not a problem,» said Lars Schaade, Vice President of the Robert Koch Institute, speaking at a news conference in Berlin. Schaade also stressed that opening of the borders inside the European Union might be possible if all member states show readiness to act in unison and the epidemiological situation is similar within the bloc. Speaking about the external EU borders, the health official said: «In case the pandemic is out of control in a certain country, in case the virus circulates freely among people, then people travelling from these countries must be sent into home quarantine.» Schaade also commented on the possible second wave of the virus, saying that in case the public doesn't stick to the hygiene and social distancing rules, «we will see a spike in coronavirus cases.»

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