Germany: Court upholds ban on sections of German comedian's anti-Erdogan poem

Hamburg's Higher Regional Court upheld a ban on certain phrases of German comedian Jan Boehmermann's poem in which he mocked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Tuesday. Neither Boehmermann's lawyer, Christian Schertz, nor Erdogan's lawyer, Michael Hubertus von Sprenger, attended the hearing. Under paragraph 104a of Germany's criminal code, the government was impelled to authorise... Еще prosecutors to pursue a case against Jan Boehmermann, host of Neo Magazin Royale, after he presented his satirical poem «Schmahkritik» about the Turkish president on the public ZDF channel on March 31, 2016. The poem accuses Erdogan of repressing Turkish national and religious minorities — Kurds and Christians; and refers to the Turkish leader as a 'goat f*cker.' Sections of the poem considered libellous towards Erdogan's «personal dignity» will remain banned. The ruling can be appealed.

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