Germany: Counter-protesters shout down anti-gay 'bus of hatred'

Hundreds of counter-protesters in Stuttgart surrounded a bus emblazoned with anti-gay and anti-trans slogans as it entered the city as part of its tour for the 'Demo Fuer Alle' group, Thursday. The group demands a stop to 'gender ideology' and 'sexualisation of children' and has named their vehicle the 'bus for the freedom of opinions', although its detractors have dubbed it the 'bus of hatred.' One of the Demo Fuer Alle protesters, of which there were fewer than 20, said that those who had turned up to shout them down were part of the problem. «What I'm talking about here is a question of democracy and freedom of opinion, what you're doing is creating a dictatorship. It's terror. It's terror, plain and simple,» he said. The German parliament voted in favour of legalising same-sex marriage in June.

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