Germany: Counter-protesters clash with police as AfD hold last rally ahead of Thuringia elections

Counter-protesters clashed with police as the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party held its final rally before the state elections in Thuringia, in Erfurt on Saturday. Police used batons against the crowd of around 500 counter-demonstrators who gathered near the AfD rally in a cordoned-off area. At least one person was detained. The AfD's top candidate Bjorn Hocke criticised Germany's... Еще immigration policies and decried the conditions in the country saying «We see and we speak about what we see. We see city districts that are ruled by Arab clans, we see gatherings of young people with migration backgrounds that are playing their power games, we see Turkish wedding societies that block West-German highways. This is what the country looks like in those parts of it where the cartel parties of the ex-SED — ok I need to leave that out here — but from SPD to Merkel's CDU have been governing for some time now. Not thirty years, my dear friends, but 70 years. We don't want these conditions here in Thuringia.» He pledged to end the «naive and decadent welcome culture» in Germany and replace it with a «goodbye culture for illegal immigrants.» Voters are set to go the polls in the state in Sunday with opinion polling indicating that the party could leapfrog the Social Democrats (SPD) into third place, behind the Left Party and the Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

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