Germany: Coronavirus sceptics form protest motorcade in Berlin

Conspiracy theorist and vegan cookbook author Attila Hildmann led a motorcade through Berlin on Saturday to protest the German government's anti-pandemic measures. Around 30 cars took part in the convoy that went from the Olympic Stadium, in West Berlin, to the Old Museum, in the city centre, where Hildmann delivered an hour-long speech to 250 supporters, according to the police. Protesters showed signs supporting an «independent Corona investigation'' and condemning vaccination and 5G technology. Hildmann, who was recently detained by the police at previous anti-lockdown protests, were seen ignoring social distancing rules and hugging supporters. On March 11, German Chancellor Angela Merkel explained that the measures were necessary in order «to win time in the fight against the virus,» stressing that the goal was not to overwhelm the German health system. Many of the previous restrictions put into place due to the coronavirus outbreak have already been lifted or significantly relaxed in Germany, although rules remain in place.

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