Germany: Cooling tower demolition shows nuclear power is over in Germany — SPD's Dreyer

Germany: Cooling tower demolition shows nuclear power is over in Germany — SPD's Dreyer The demolition of the cooling tower of the Mulheim-Karlich nuclear plant, near Koblenz, shows that «the times of nuclear power in Rhineland-Palatinate, in Germany are over,» according to the state's minister-president, Malu Dreyer, who spoke from the site on Friday. «In general it has always been... Еще underestimated that nuclear power is obviously linked to high expenses, not only to danger and nowadays this is still underestimated,» commented Dreyer, adding that it will take a lot of effort and many years for the site to be fully dismantled. Dreyer is currently acting as one of the three joint heads of Germany's Social Democratic Party (SPD) following the resignation of former leader Andrea Nahles in June. Wolfgang Baumann, a lawyer for groups, including the city of Koblenz, who wanted to ensure the plant remained closed after it was shuttered after only three years after its completion in 1986, spoke about the legal battle that he took part in. «I am very happy that after a 30 year long process this nuclear plant will be dismantled it was a full success from a legal perspective. This is also an important signal to those who are engaged for the environment, they are not lost in this state, which is a constitutional state,» Baumann said. The demolition works took several years as it was not possible to blow up the cooling tower due to its proximity to the reactor. Instead they had to first take apart as much of the tower as possible with a special excavator from the top and then cut slits into the concrete as well as remove 16 of the 72 support columns to allow it to collapse.

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