Germany: Controversial crucifix rule gets some Bavarians very cross

A new Christian Social Union (CSU) regulation that requires installing Christian crucifixes at the entrances of most public buildings in Bavaria came into force this week, as shown in footage filmed in Nuremberg on Thursday and Friday. According to Christian Social Union representative of Bavaria Richard Bartsch it 'is not a defensive reaction, but a positive reinforcement of our culture.' The... Еще decree has sparked debate among Bavarians on what the crosses mean for their identity and integration. «I do not believe that the Bavarian identity has to be strengthened, moreover, identity is also subject to change, my customs still have a meaning today, but it's different from 50 years ago,» said Robert Schmitt, a local resident. On the otherhand, many felt the crucifixes belong in public spaces because Germany is a Christian country and Bavaria has a Catholic identity. The initiative was brought forward by CSU Bavarian State Premier Markus Soeder in April, who intends to underline 'Bavaria's cultural and historical heritage.' Universities and theatres are exempt from the decree.

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