Germany: Controversial author Sarrazin publishes new 'anti-Islam' book

Former German politician and author Thilo Sarrazin attended Frankfurt's Book Fair on Wednesday, where he presented his book titled: 'Hostile takeover, how Islam impairs progress and threatens society.' Sarrazin's book, which has been dubbed as anti-Muslim by many critics, has been broadly praised by right-wing groups and far-right organisations in Germany and is currently sitting top of the... Еще country's bestseller list. Sarrazin believes that Islam threatens Germany's development due to what he refers as a «hostile takeover». The author claims the religion «impairs progress in the West though its demographic overpowering.» «Because the special status of the woman in Islam promotes her dependence, low education and early marriage that cause high birth rates, so that Islamic population grows in a disproportional way all over the world,» Sarrazin explained in his presentation.

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