Germany: Coal mining region leaders demand 'right tools' for coal phase out at Berlin protest

Sixty mayors of cities, towns and villages from German coal mining regions staged a rally outside the Chancellery in Berlin on Thursday, demanding the «right tools» for Germany's upcoming coal exit. The protesters expressed their dedication to being an active part of the renewable energy revolution, or 'Energiewende,' but asked for time «to create something new» and prepare people working in the... Еще industry for the changes. «This might also be an important message to our critics and opponents: we want an energy revolution too but we want to organise it in a reasonable way,'' mayor of Teuchern and spokesperson for the Central German coal mining district Marcel Schneider said at the rally. He continued: «We are writing history for the next generations with this bill of structural empowerment. And if we allow ourselves to be drifted by a climate hysteria, this won't help these generations, this won't help my generation.'' Schneider emphasised that the protesters are against an earlier exit from coal, saying «We want to make sure that Germany's coal exit won't take place before 2038. And we have to end this debate.»

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