Germany: Climate activists continue obstructing mining project

Environmentalists continue their protest in Hambach forest in western Germany, resisting plans to chop down the woodland and expand a nearby coal mine, by digging trenches to slow down machinery on Monday. One activist described the gorup's purpose, saying: «So in this forest we see many of the contemporary struggles intersect in a way. That RWE coal extraction causes climate change that... Еще primarily concerns on people of the global south, so we see that as a racist practise that has to be stopped. And also we see global capital profit interest destroying an ancient forest. Currently we are obstructing the road here, in order to prevent the RWE extraction machinery to invade the forest and destroy the thousand years [old] nature here.» The camp started around six years ago, when a small group of activists decided to give up electricity and running water and occupy the forest to fight against fossil fuel industry. Hambach is currently home to some 150 people who live in tree houses. They oppose the plan of the energy company RWE too extend the nearby mine, which is already the biggest open pit coal mine in Europe.

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