Germany: Claims of EU's unwillingness to hold talks with Putin is 'fake news' — Ozdemir

Green Party Co-Chair Cem Ozdemir claimed that RT are spreading «fake news» over the unwillingness of the German government, Brussels and the national governments of other EU member states to negotiate with Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a Green Party convention in Berlin, Sunday. According to Ozdemir, the German government, Brussels and the EU are willing to talk to Putin «24 hours... Еще, seven days a week.» He argued that RT had been spreading «fake news» that the opposite was true and that the German government had no interest in communicating with the Kremlin. Ozdemir went on to warn that communication with the Russian leader would lead to an infiltration of «Putin's propaganda» into German domestic politics and it is not something that German party leaders should do. Also during the convention, the Green Party Co-Chair warned that «Nazis» could once again enter the German parliament, referring to Germany's right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. He stated that everything possible must be done to avoid such an outcome. Germany's Green Party is currently polling at around 8%, ahead of next week's general elections.


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