Germany: Chinese forces deployed for joint medical drills on European soil for first time

Chinese People's Liberation Army and German military forces partook in joint medical drills in the Bavarian municipality of Feldkirchen on Friday. Titled 'Combined Aid', the military drill saw the deployment of Chinese troops and vehicles on the European soil for the first time. Together with the German soldiers, Chinese medics and officers took part in humanitarian crisis drills where they... Еще administered medical aid to patients and injured individuals in mock scenarios. According to Lieutenant Colonel Matthias Frank from the Press and Information Centre of the Medical Service of the German military the scenarios included responding to a cholera outbreak situation and a bus accident. «The cooperation functions at a wonderful level, the language barrier is removed by communicating in English,» said Frank. The 2019 drill marks the second time German and Chinese forces have taken in a joint military exercise. The first drill took place in Chongqing in 2016 when the two forces responded to an simulated earthquake scenario.

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