Germany: Chemnitz restaurateur recounts horrifying anti-Semitic attack

The owner of Chemnitz's Schalom restaurant Uwe Dziuballa recounted how a recent anti-Semitic attack on his establishment unfolded during an interview on Friday. Dziuballa recalled how a group of right-wing protesters, wearing black, attacked the restaurant on the evening of August 27 while the city was experiencing a series of violent anti-immigrant demonstrations. Dziuballa said the group... Еще threw objects at the restaurant, hitting him with a stone on his right shoulder. He also recalled how he was called a 'Jewish pig' and told to leave Germany. «I was really afraid, the adrenaline was flowing, I was semi-stunned, I couldn't really understand what was going on,» he said. The demonstrations in Chemnitz were inspired by the alleged murder of a 35-year old German-Cuban man by two Middle-eastern migrants. Protests devolved into violence as far-right protesters were filmed chasing and attacking foreigners, and were seen performing the Nazi salute.

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