Germany: CEC deputy head reassures Russian nationals abroad as presidential election draws closer

Deputy Head of Russia's Central Election Committee (CEC) Nikolai Bulaev gave a press briefing at the Russian Embassy in Berlin on Tuesday, discussing voting arrangements for Russian nationals abroad ahead of the upcoming presidential election. Bulaev stated that «the number of the voting stations abroad and the number of stations for advance voting was increased». According to the estimartes... Еще, about 2 million Russians live abroad, among them 400,000 residing in Germany. «In order to provide our fellow citizens an opportunity to vote, some 393 voting stations will be opened outside of Russia,» Bulaev pointed out. The Deputy Head explained that there were two meetings on the election procedure; one of those has been held in Berlin. «According to the number of questions we already have received, it was not useless,» Bulaev added. Presidential elections in Russia will be held on March 18.

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