Germany: CDU/CSU secretary notes 'considerable progress' on coalition talks second day

CDU/CSU First Parliamentary Secretary Michael Grosse-Broemer stated that today «was a day that achieved considerable progress», speaking at a press briefing following day two of exploratory coalition talks at the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) headquarters in Berlin, Monday. «I want to emphasize — there will be exhausting negotiations necessary before we can finally discuss an exploratory... Еще talks paper on Thursday,» underlined Grosse-Broemer. He outlined that the talks were about «formulating common goals on how Germany can develop positively and safely regarding the people in this country in the next years and it's not about the fun but the hard work». Since the collapse of the so-called Jamaica coalition talks, Merkel has thus far been unable to persuade the SPD to enter into another grand coalition. The growing political instability has raised the possibility of fresh elections or a minority government.

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