Germany: Catalonia a domestic issue, solution must comply with Spanish constitution — Berlin

Spokespersons for the German government said that the current unrest in Catalonia is a domestic Spanish issue that must be resolved under Spanish law and within the framework of the Spanish constitution, during a press conference at the Federal Press Conference building in Berlin on Wednesday. They also highlighted that any declaration of independence by Catalonia would be considered illegal and... Еще not receive recognition from Germany. «In our view it remains a domestic Spanish issue with which we don’t wish to play a mediating role,» said spokesperson Ulrike Demmer. «We are of the strong conviction that the conflict must be solved through dialogue and within the democratic Spanish constitutional order.» According to Demmer, any declaration of Catalonian independence would be deemed illegal and would not receive recognition from the German government. The comments come after a statement issued from German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel on Wednesday morning, whereby he said it would be irresponible of the Catalonian government to declare independence and a solution must be reached through dialogue, in compliance with the Spanish constitution.

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