Germany: Cabinet approves environmental plan

German Environment Minister Svenja Schulze announced the German government had approved climate protection measures, answering a «dereliction of duty in the past,» she said during a press conference in Berlin on Wednesday. «The climate protection law sets out for the first time, in legally binding terms, how much CO2 each sector, every year, is allowed to emit. It is not only percentage-based... Еще, rather the exact tonnage,» said Schulze. «It will be regularly monitored, whether the transport, agricultural, and construction sectors have truly achieved their tasks or whether they continue to emit CO2. It compels the responsible ministry to take immediate measures when too much CO2 is emitted. It adjusts the climate targets, only when they need to be tightened up. They cannot be loosened,» she added. «The climate protection law we are on the path to, is such an improvement; it is an answer to the dereliction of duty in the past. It now takes that and makes it an obligation and namely an obligation to act in a democratic and legitimate way,» said Schulze. The climate protection measures aim to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions, though climate activists criticised the plan as too week to achieve Germany's emissions-free target by 2050. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to pass the bill into law this year.

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