Germany: Bus company unveils refugee driver initiative

Berlin's main public transport company introduced its «Refugees in the Transport Service» project to the press, in Berlin, on Monday. The state-owned Berlin Transport Company (BVG) initiative is initially intended to provide refugees with the necessary training to become bus drivers within Berlin's transport service. One of the new bus drivers, Mohamad Khair Al Halabi, expressed his... Еще contentment with the programme. He explained that he worked on improving his German while also taking the technical training to be able to drive buses. Since July, 16 people have been trained under the new initiative. Mario Lehwald from the Employment Agency for South Berlin welcomed the 100 percent success rate of the programme. Lehwald said, «with a quota of 100 percent qualification, with integration into the job market, I believe it couldn't be better than this.» Following the success of the initial programme, the BVG is keen to extend it by training more drivers, but also by offering a variety of employment opportunities in the company. Chair of Personnel at the BVG Dirk Schulte explained how the project might be carried forward within the company. «We will of course continue this. For one thing, the refugee issue is still clearly there, and as well as this we have the opportunities because we still have open positions. That means we can train people in long-term, secure employment contracts», Schulte said.

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