Germany: Bundestag debates foreign aid amid COVID-19 crisis

The German Bundestag held debates on increasing foreign aid to countries badly impacted by COVID-19 on Friday, with most parties advocating for increased assistance. The government has already pledged three billion euros ($3.35 billion) as of last Wednesday, but most parties have their own positions on just how much more the government should spend. «The corona crisis is already exacerbating violence and creating new conflicts. The southern states are on the knees economically and this also affects us here. If Europe doesn’t react now others will jump to fill in the gap and try to expand their geopolitical influence even further,” said Agnieszka Brugger of Alliance90/The Green Party. «Africa needs more than what was expected. A few drops in the desert will not be enough to meet major challenges. Africa is Europe’s partner continent and here we have to send a clear signal in the case of multi value financial planning for the EU,"said German Development Minister Gerd Muller. In April, the European Union approved a 20 billion euro ($22.4 billion) package for vulnerable countries known as «Team Europe.»

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