Germany: Bundestag debates AfD's proposed Burqa-Ban in public spaces

The German Bundestag debated a ban on the burqa, a full face veil which is worn by some Muslim women, in Berlin on Thursday. The proposal was brought forward by the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD). The party's draft law seeks to ban Islamic full face coverings from public places. According to their draft proposal, the AfD claim that a full face veil ban would «protect the... Еще individual freedoms of Muslim women», while also promoting «domestic security» and securing «social coexistence.» The draft law came under fire by members of other political parties during the debate. Esther Dilcher of the SPD called the AfD «a wolf in sheep's clothing,» arguing that they didn't intend to bring in the law for the stated reasons. Meanwhile, FDP member Katrin Helling-Plahr voiced her concern that introducing such a ban would isolate women who wear full face coverings from German society all together. «You're not helping these women. Rather, you're robbing them of that last morsel of freedom and participation in our society,» she argued, claiming that men who forced them to wear such veils would then prevent them from leaving the house. During the debate, AfD member Gottfried Cuiro claimed «The full covering is a signal that there isn't a will to participate in our open society; wishing to differentiate themselves from the 'unbelievers'.» While members from the CDU/CSU fraction support a ban of full face veils in public places, they maintain that such a ban needs to adhere to the German constitution. If the German Bundestag passes a law to forbid full face veils, it will be following its European counterparts in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Italy and Latvia, all of whom have already enacted partial or full bans on Islamic face coverings.

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