Germany: Bikers enjoy 'up and down' cycle path in Ampertal

A 500-metre-long (1,640 foot) cycle path close to Kirchdorf an der Amper has raised eyebrows and heart rates due to five small artificial hillocks constructed along its route. The reason for the unusual topography? Reportedly a planning error that was corrected with a little bit of creativity. The route currently resembles an obstacle course, enjoyable in summer but potentially dangerous during winter. «[It's a] good fun factor, up and down, it goes along the way. Now, in summer, it is certainly a nice safe place here,» said one cyclist. Bikers were seen enjoying the humps along the route on Monday. The artificial hillocks were reportedly built when local authorities realised that farm vehicles needed easy access to the nearby fields, something a low-lying path would not have allowed for. Another reason for the cycle path's wave-form is that to have built it as high as the adjacent pathway would have been costly and created more work, since other areas of the surrounding floodplain would have to have been flattened to compensate for the reduced drainage.

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