Germany: Biden claims Putin will face 'cost' of his 'behaviour'

Former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin «has to know the cost of this behaviour,» while commenting on alleged Russian meddling in the last US presidential election, at the Munich Security Conference on Friday. Biden went on to claim that that cost «in the long run will certainly outweigh the benefit [Russia] perceives now.» The former... Еще US vice president claimed that one of the signs of Russian attempts to meddle in the US election were «thousands of paid ads on social media.» The alleged link with Moscow was only discovered in the aftermath of the election, he claimed. «They have no damn right,» stated Biden, referring to these allegations against Russia. Nevertheless, he concluded, «we can't quit talking to Russia or trying to work with them on critical issues like strategic stability because the stakes are much too high.» Munich has hosted the Security Conference, one of the major global forums for the discussion of security policy, since its inception in 1963. This year’s conference will be held from February 16-18.

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