Germany: Bicycle protest takes place in Berlin against arms production

Around 50 cyclists rode together through the streets of Berlin on Tuesday to protest arms production and Turkish military operations in Syria. The social-distancing friendly form of protest started at 5.00 pm local time (4.00 pm GMT) at Potsdamer Platz. The peaceful protest included music and copious amounts of bike bell ringing as the group of 50 made their way towards the Turkish embassy... Еще. The protest, which gathered under the motto #HealthcareNotWarfare took place today as giant Dusseldorf based defence contractor Rheinmetall AG held its annual general meeting. The demonstrators arrived at the Turkish embassy at 6.00 pm local time (5.00 pm GMT), where the demonstration planned to protest the Turkish military operations in northern Syria. Some protesters were seen holding banners that read 'stop arms exports' while others gave speeches in front of the embassy.

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