Germany: Berliners without German citizenship vote in symbolic general election

Migrants living in Berlin without German citizenship took part in a symbolic vote across the city, Friday, ahead of the upcoming federal elections. Residents have been casting their votes in several ballot boxes across Berlin since last Monday, and will continue to have the opportunity to show their support for their preferred party until the symbolic ballot closes next Monday afternoon. The... Еще vote enabled Berlin locals to have their say and participate in the important vote despite their vote not being counted. As well as symbolic significance, participants hope that the replicated voting system could help to change the current law in Germany. Foreigners without German nationality living in Germany are not allowed to vote in general elections, despite being able to vote in local elections. «It is not the case that this vote is symbolic for me. When I heard about this vote I actually hoped that the law would be changed,» said Turkish participant Nur who has been living in Germany for 50 years. Italian migrant Rosario Ilado, who has been living in Germany for 47 years, is a volunteer for the symbolic vote. Ilado doesn't see why he shouldn't have the right to give his opinion in the upcoming election. «I pay taxes, I live in this city and therefore I [should] have the right — even if I am not German [or have the] German citizenship — to vote here in this country», he said.
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