Germany: Berliners in agreement in wanting 'confusing' COVID-19 measures 'unified'

Residents of Berlin reacted on Thursday afternoon to the new COVID-19 measures announced on Wednesday. «Honestly said, I feel very insecure and I find it very concerning, especially because I am at school and I have to go back to school after the holidays,» said Jorinna. «I am scared of a second lockdown and what it would mean for all of us in the end, especially for restaurant owners and self-employed people, it is very worrying,» said another, Marina. Others expressed concern about private parties, saying that there should be more direct action taken against mass social gatherings. «If you know the hotspots are there, and nobody is infected in the gym or during a concert, then you don't have to change anything there, but when you know private parties, wedding etc, I would completely forbid them and say sorry it isn't possible so that we can come back to a normal state. One shouldn't be able to bring a whole society to a stop,» said resident, Robert. On Wednesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that restrictions in COVID-19 hotspots would be tightened after a meeting with German state officials, stressing the pandemic is entering a 'critical phase'. Under the new measures, people will be required to wear masks wherever they come into close proximity with others for prolonged time periods of time in areas where new infections exceed 35 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

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